ExTra: The Expenses Tracker

Configuring Customers/Projects
Customers/Projects allow you to group expenses together for billing purposes and are fully customizable. For each customer/project you can define a name and background colour. ExTra comes with one example customer, ACME. You are free to delete or rename this as you wish.

New customers/projects are added using the add button add at the bottom-right of the screen. This will take you to the Add Customer/Project screen.

Tap a customer/project to edit it. This will open a similar screen to that used to enter new categories and allow you to change the details of the customer/project.

To remove a customer/project, press and hold on the category entry until the screen changes to remove mode. Multiple customers/projects can be selected for removal by tapping on them. When you have finished selecting customers/projects, tap the dustbin icon delete in the top-right to remove them. Press the back button to cancel.

Entering Customers/Projects

Name - The name for the customer/project. This can be reported in submitted sheets if required.

Background - The background colour against which the category icon will be displayed.


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