ExTra: The Expenses Tracker

Selecting Currencies
To make selecting new currencies as easy as possible, the currency selector allows you to enter a part of the currency name or three-letter code and the list will be filtered to show just those currencies containing the string you have typed. For example, typing "DOL" would quickly find all currencies with "dollar" as part of their name.

Once selected, currencies are added to your recently used currencies list and will be immediately available from the currency drop-down without having to select Other... again.

If you are running ExTra on a phone, then the phone's location is used to make a shortlist of local currencies and these are promoted to the top of the list. Location detection currently uses the country of the network that the phone is connected to, so the phone cannot be in flight mode, but it does not need either mobile data or GPS to be turned on in order to function.


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