ExTra: The Expenses Tracker


Home Currency - The currency that expense sheets will be submitted in. Click to pick your local currency from a list of all currencies. On phones, if the SIM card country can be determined, then currencies applicable to that country will be promoted to the top of the list.

Enable Foreign Currencies - Not used.

Enable Category - Not used.

Enable Customer/Project - Not used.

Email Format - The format that expense sheets will be submitted in. CSV is a raw format dump of the expense sheet. Non-templated Excel workbooks used a defaut, non-customizable style. Templated Excel workbooks use a specified template, which can be customized to suit your needs. Options are:

  • Comma Separated Variable (.csv)
  • Excel 1997-2003 Workbook (.xls)
  • Excel Workbook (.xlsx)
  • Templated Excel 97-03 Workbook (.xls)
  • Templated Excel Workbook (.xlsx)

Template - When a templated output format is selected, allows you to select the template to use. You can choose from any of the inbuilt templates, or your can pick your own.

Exchange Rate Provider - Allows you to pick the service used to lookup exchange rates. Choose from:

Email Settings - Subsection of settings relating to submitting expenses by email.
Submit Email Recipient - Email address of the person or mailbox that is to receive submitted expense sheets.
Include Images - Controls whether images of receipts are added to the email.
Email Resolution (only when sending images is enabled) - Target resolution of images in megapixels. Images are reduced in size to make them suitable for emailing.
Email Quality (only when sending images is enabled) - JPEG quality setting. Images are recompressed using this setting to make them suitable for emailing. Lower quality usually makes for smaller files.

Categories - Opens the category editor, allowing you to customize all the category names, icons and colours.

Customers/Projects - Opens the customer/project editor, allowing you to customize all the customer/project names and background colours.


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