About Taurus Software and Consulting
Taurus Software and Consulting (or TSAC) was founded by Robert Thornburrow in May 1999 as a non-profit organisation, primarily as an outlet for his Java™ Virtual Machine for the Psion Series 3.

From there it grew into a base for developing new Open Source products. Robert firmly believes in the power of Open Source, and the use of the GNU General Public License, as a means for producing better, more robust software. He also believes that Open Source is the best way to build Operating Systems, where the avoidance of Vendor Lock-in is absolutely crucial. But then you were probably aware of that.

In October 2014, Taurus Software and Consulting became a UK limited company, specialising in a number of technologies, including Software Change Management tools like CA Harvest, build tools like CruiseControl and Maven, and development technologies like Android, Java, and Linux.

The consulting side of the business focuses on making software development work, from the processes followed to implementing and integrating a toolset which does things the way YOU want to do them.

If you are interested in drawing upon Robert's skills then his CV can be found here.