27th September 2016 ExTra: The Expenses Tracker
ExTra is our mobile expenses tracking app, aimed at small to medium-sized businesses. It allows users to capture expenses on the go, in any currency, and to attach a picture of the receipt. At the end of the month an expense sheet can be generated to corporate standards and emailed in along with the recipts. No more forgotten expenses and no more missing receipts.
11th February 2016 Babbage
Babbage is a fully integrated extension to CA Harvest Software Change Manager Workbench which adds the ability to compare the structure of individual project lifecycles. Lifecycles can be compared with one another, or with templates. For enterprises with multiple brokers, lifecycles can also be compared across brokers. Babbage is our first commercial product.
22nd August 2014 Solitaire Compendium
Solitaire Compendium is our first mobile phone application. Just the ticket for whiling away long flights. Other apps are in the pipeline and will be released in due course.
5th July 2003 Cycle
Cycle is a new programming language for Cybot, the self-build robot from Ultimate Real Robots. It is based on Java/C++ syntax and is more powerful than the graphical programming "language" supplied on the Real Robots CDs. The first release of the Cycle Compiler is now available for both Win32 and Cygwin. The compiler is provided under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and is free to download.
Please note: Cycle and Taurus Software are in no way connected with Ultimate Real Robots. If you have any queries about Cycle, please address them to Taurus Software and not to Eaglemoss.
22nd July 2004 JavaVM
The Taurus JavaVM now supports Unicode character sets and both JDK 1.1 and J2SDK 1.4. Version 1.10 is available for Win32, Linux, Cygwin and Acorn RISC OS. A version for EPOC32 is under development.
JavaVM is a clean-room implementation of Sun's Java™ Virtual Machine Specification and has been made Open Source and released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) and as a result, the sources can now be downloaded for free.
Version 0.16a of JavaVM for SIBO & DOS is still available for download.
6th March 2003 CalMaker
Version 1.1.0 of Taurus CalendarMaker is now available for download.
CalendarMaker is a new product for creating your own personalized calendars. CalendarMaker is an easy to use Java 2 application featuring a perpetual calendar and the ability to customize templates to a degree not possible in other calendar applications.
As with the majority of Taurus software, it is Open Source and available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), so it is totally free and you get the source code too!
24th September 2002 Genealogy
Release 1.1.2 of Taurus FamilyTree is now available.
This neat little Java application lets you read, display and browse Genealogical information stored in FTML and Gedcom formats. It also includes the ability to plot trees and timelines. It now also includes internationalization support with English and Finnish displays.
4th April 2000 Psion
The Taurus Opl2Java Translator lets you run your old OPL programs on your desktop computer as Java applets or applications.