29th May 2004 Linux
In the Taurus Linux Pages you will find a growing collection of hints, tips and reviews of some popular hardware such as laptops, motherboards, printers, scanners, card reader, sound and graphics cards. Details are included on how to get them working under Linux and their usage under various other platforms as a comparison.
19th January 2003 JavaStation
Find out how to get the best out of Suns much hyped coffee machine by running Linux on a JavaStation and download tools and information for building Windows and Linux-i386 boot servers.
Many of these stylish little beasts are known to be lying around gathering the proverbial moss, so dust them off, plug them in and use this section to help you get them working as X-Terminals, cluster nodes and more.
9th July 2000 Psion
The Taurus Psion Section is devoted to all things Psion.
Taurus Patience is an implementation of the classic solo card game. Written in OPL it lets you play your favourite game on a Psion Series 3 or Series 5.