Taurus Links
Psion Related Links
PSDB The Psion Software DataBase
Excellant source of information on Psion software for both Series 3x and Series 5.
This page appears to have died - anyone know if it's moved?
JavaSoft JavaSoft Website
The official source of all things Java. All specifications, the latest JDK and lots of other goodies are available for download f.o.c. It is also very worthwhile subscribing to the Java Developer Connection to get the very latest Beta's and lots of inside info.
Humour and Funnies
Dilbert Dilbert Comic Strips
The funniest comic strip in the world - keep 'em coming Scott. The 3d-Dilbertzone is really worth checking out - I really really wanna be able to do that in VRML...
Maps and Information
Streetmap Multimap
Very handy map server with detailed maps for the whole of the UK. Includes the ability to pinpoint a postcode and to produce directions from one address to another.