Do you regularly hear your developers muttering the phrase "Well it worked on my machine"? Do you actually test the exact software that you are going to put into production? Are your deployments done by a bloke called Dave, and if he chooses to take the day off, nothing can move forwards? If the answer is yes to any of these, then perhaps we can help you to help yourselves.

Specialising in DevOps, we can provide consulting services in Software Change Management, Build, Test and Deploy. With over 10 years experience in a wide variety of DevOps products and technologies, we can help you to get the best out of your development team, whether it be setting up from scratch or making all the pieces work together to produce reliable software.

We also have experience in a range of other software development disciplines, including website development, enterpise architecture, object-oriented design, language development and parser technologies.   

robot Mobile
In a new venture, we have just released our first mobile phone app, a Compendium of Solitaire games, just the ticket for whiling away long flights. Other apps are in the pipeline and will be released in due course.

More details on the Solitaire Compendium page.
Linux Pages
scanner Here you will find a collection of useful information about getting various pieces of hardware up and running with Linux. If you are thinking of purchasing any of these items, or you own them and are having problems, then this is the place to look for help. More...
Open Source
calendar We have been an outlet for a small number of Open Source software projects over the years and they are all still available through this website.

Calendar Maker is a simple tool for creating calendars using your own pictures.

Family Tree is a program for browsing family history data and producing trees, ancestor charts and timelines.

JavaVM is clean-room implementation of Java™ Virtual Machine designed specifically for very small platforms.

Cycle Got a Cybot? Finding the Real Robots graphical programming language underpowered? Enter Cycle, the new programming language for Cybot.

Babbage: Harvest Difference Engine
lifecycles If you use Harvest you are no doubt be aware of the effort involved in maintaining lifecycles and the pain of making even simple changes to them. Have you ever wished that you had a tool which could tell you which processes are missing and which usergroups should have access? Well such a tool now exists and it is called Babbage.

Using Babbage you can easily see the differences between two lifecycles. It even works across brokers. Babbage also includes a powerful filtering mechanism allowing you to exclude expected differences, for example in the naming of usergroups. Babbage plugs directly into Workbench allowing it to be used directly from your desktop. More...