Taurus Cycle Compiler Status Page
This page gives a very brief outline of the current status of the compiler as at:
29th June 2003:

Platform Support
The following platforms are/will eventually be supported:

Platform Status
Intel 386, Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP0.0.1
Intel 386, Cygwin0.0.1

The Cycle language is still under development, and at present supports only the features of the graphical language found on CD2 of Real Robots. The following features will become available when the next CD is released:

  • Procedures other than main. This requires subroutine support, which is not present on CD2.
  • Line following input. Although CD2 seems to support it, there is no way of inserting a line following block in the graphical editor, nor is there any way of testing it in the simulator.

In addition, the following features are planned for the language:

  • switch on variables 'a' to 'l'. This is not directly supported by any block, but can be implemented using a series of if blocks. This will provide a more convenient way of modelling state.
  • && and || in if conditions. These are useful additions to any language and are normally implemented using additional ifs, hooked together using either the then or else parts. Again this is just a more convenient way of expressing things.

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