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Den Haag (The Hague) is an interesting city, about 50 minutes from Amsterdam. Like much of Holland, the city has many canals and bridges, but is for the most part more modern than Amsterdam.
Lange Hoostraat 3, off Plein
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Restaurant Trias is a small but lively restaurant serving international food at very reasonable prices. Staff and guests are always very friendly. Sometimes the place is a veritable hive of activity, so don't expect peace and quiet, and it is advisable to book if you want a table - I ate at the bar on several occasions - not that I minded.
Typically less than 30 NLG for a main course and around 50 NLG for a decent meal. English menu available of request.
Spui 185, next to Cinema
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Of all the restaurants in these pages, Magido has to be one of the most novel. The place is desgined around the stories on the menu, about an infamous Mr. Magido, and if you read them, you may begin to see what it is all about. The decor is a facinating collection of bits of machinary and electronics, only some of which I was able to identify. Besides being an entertaining place to sit, Magido offers excellent cuisine from many different countries, offering a good selection of dishes. Slightly pricey for the Netherlands, but by UK standards, still very reasonable. Expect around 85 NLG for three courses. Magido does offer a cheaper pre-theatre set menu is you are on a budget. For more information, and to make an online reservation go to
Sapphire Tower
Jan van Riebeekstraat 571
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Known for its commanding views of the city, Sapphire is perched atop a 25 storey building, and serves exceptional Chinese food. Finding it is easy from Den Haag Centraal Station (CS), simply go out of the door to the side of platform 12 (Spoor 12) and turn right. Entrance is clearly marked and it has its own dedicated, non-stop elevator. There is more on offer for larger parties, but there are also a small selection of individual dishes too.
Novotel Den Haag Centrum
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approx. 5 miles from Den Haag
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Getting about...
  Trams are by far the cheapest and most effective way to get round Den Haag. They go almost everywhere and stops are never far apart. I never did figure out the Strippenkart system, which you stamp yourself on the trams, as I bought a 1 month 2 zone pass for the bargain price of 105 NLG - incredible by UK standards for public transport. Do make sure you buy a ticket (available from the driver), as ticket inspections are frequent. Also be warned that HTM (the tram company) do not seem to take credit cards at all, so make sure you have some local currency handy.   Taxis seemed to be readily available, but are not cheap - what costs 4.50 NLG on the tram cost 40 NLG in a taxi! Having said that, rates are comparable with many other European cities.