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Situated in the bustling Niederdorfstr, Restaurant Cantina offers good value Italian food. The menu covers a wide range of dishes, including meat and pasta dishes as well as a reasonable selection of Vegetarian dishes. A nice selection of Italian and Swiss wines too. Menu available in English. Around 30 CHF for a main course and some wine.
Spiegelgasse, off Marktgasse
A quiet setting in a square just back from Niederdorfstrasse, Restaurant Turm offers a rich variety of international food dishes. I personally prefer to sit outside, but as there are only a few tables, be prepared to be "doubled-up". Indides offers a strange dining situation, roughly translated as "eat in air-conditioned confort under tropical plants", which about sums it up really. The food however is superb and includes some nice Vegetarian dishes. Around 30 CHF for a main course and some wine.
Vorderer Sternen
(Leading Stars), Bellevueplatz
Surprisingly quiet despite being next to the busy Bellevueplatz. The first floor terrace is the best place to sit in Vorderer Sternen, but inside is comfortable too. Beautifully presented and superbly cooked international cusine. Menu available in English. Around 45 CHF for a main course, a dessert and some wine.
Moevenpick Restaurants
All over Zurich
One guarenteed good place to eat is any of the number of Moevenpick Restaurants dotted about the city. Good food wherever you go. Menus subtitled in English. Ones I have tried are: Lake front; Palavrion, Beethovenstr; Moevenpick Paradeplatz; Moevenpick Bahnhofstr. Around 30 CHF for a main course and some wine.
Hotel Valhalla
The Hotel Valhalla offers a good standard of modern accomodation in the heart of Zurich. The hotel has been refurbished recently and offers pretty much everything you'd expect for a very reasonable price. All rooms have satellite TV, shower, and comfy beds - with nice warm duvets not itchy scratchy flannelette sheets. Try to avoid rooms facing the street in summer, as there is no aircon and the trams (which are conveniently just outside) run from about 5am - midnight! In winter the double glazing elimiates almost all street noise. Around 50 GBP per night and 12.50 CHF (5 GBP) for breakfast.
er, Bahnhofstrasse
Perhaps THE shopping street to be seen on. You might not be able to afford much from these shops, but you have to window shop here. There are more designer labels here than anywhere else in the world! Have a little look in Bally, Cartier, Channel, numerous swiss watch and jewelery makers, selling bigger rocks than Gibralter, watches running into 6 figures, and Faberge eggs and animals. The only part of this that grieved me was that I saw an Armani suit for less than I paid for my last (non-Armani) suit back home! Oh, and don't forget that Swiss Army Knife and the chocolates...
Antiques Market
Lake end of Bahnhofstrasse
This has to be one of the most bizarre things to look around. Held on a Sunday, you'll see the most intruiging collections of old junk imaginable - coupled with the Swiss obsession with anything American, there are some odd things on offer.
er, the lake
If you have time, take a trip on a paddle steamer on the lake - I didn't and really wish I had! The walks down by the lake are quite pleasant, and the air throughout Zurich is clean and fresh. The fountain is quite impressive too.
The old town
Either side of the River Limmat
An interesting collection of restaurants, bars, shops and nightclubs, situated on winding cobbled streets. Dotted with the odd sex shop and nightclub, its an odd collection. Most of my hit list of restaurants are situated here.
Getting about...
  Trains run quickly and quietly to and from the airport for around 5 CHF, and take 10-15 minutes to get there.   The whole of Zurich is covered by and old, but clean and well run network of trams. Hopping round the city is cheap and short journey and tram passes are available cheaply (1 month = 70 CHF). I made a lot of use of trams whilst I was there.   If you've the legs for it though, walking is possibly the nicest form of transport and you can walk the length of Banhhofstrasse (which is almost the whole of the city center) in about half an hour.