Leadtek WinFast 3D S320 II Video Card

The Leadtek WinFast 3D S320 II is the videocard that is shipped with the Packard-Bell Platinum 6001 machine, amongst others. It is based upon the nVidia Riva TNT 2 Pro chipset and has the additional benefit of a TV-Out port.

Windows Support
The machine came pre-configured with Windows 98 Second Edition with the video driver already installed, which worked fine.

Upgrading to Windows XP simplicity itself, as WinXP is shipped with an appropriate nVidia driver. Windows update (or SP1 if you prefer) provides an updated version driver which allows use of the TV-Out port.

Linux Support
XFree86 has supported this soundcard for quite some time with the 'nv' driver. This works well for most things, but lacks accelerated OpenGL. The official nVidia drivers provided accelerated OpenGL and can be downloaded from nVidia (note you will need to download the source versions for use with RedHat 8.0).