opl2java Demo - Patience

The applet embedded in this page is an interactive demonstration of what the opl2java translator can achieve.

If you can't see the applet, you're probably not running Netscape 4 or IE 4 (JDK 1.1.x).

The applet is a Java version of my patience game which has been translated by opl2java.  You may need to click on the applet to give it input focus.  The gameplay is identical but for a couple of keys:

  • 1-9 = Select a stack (first press 'from', second 'to')
  • 0 = Current card from pack
  • + = Deal next card from pack
  • Ctrl + D = Deal again
  • Ctrl + R = Reveal cards

All moves to the suit stacks are automatic - via first selection. The number of cards to be moved from stack to stack is automatic. The usual rules for patience apply - namely colours alternate (red then black then red etc.) and only kings may be moved to an empty stack. Happy gaming.