Taurus opl2java Translator
The opl2java project translates OPL code from the Psion Series 3x directly into Java, allowing you to run your old Psion apps on either your PC or your Series 5 when a JavaVM becomes available. My JavaVM project enables you to run the Java code on your Series 3x as well.

The OPL to Java Translator project started life as an OPL to C translator for running some of my OPL applications on my old Archimedes machine. It worked quite well, but menus and windows did not work at all well due to major differences between the two GUI environments.

After I switched to programming in Java, I had a second crack at the job and changed the code generator to produce Java source code. Ideally I would like it to produce Java class files, which would speed-up the compilation process by a goodly margin, but source code is much easier to develop with.

Platform Support
The following platforms are/will eventually be supported:

Platform Status
Intel 386, Windows 95/NT1.20 (Not downloadable)
Intel 386, Linux(Planned for 2000)

Output Language Support
The following languages are/will eventually be supported:

Language Status
Java Applet/ApplicationSince 1.00
C for Acorn RISCOSSince 0.10

OPL Language Support
The translator supports all the OPL programming language constructs, plus a large number of OPL built-in functions and procedures. The built-in functions are implemented in a separate OPL library, which must be built for each target language.

Additional Information
Additional information is available on:

The package interface developed for opl2java is available as a native implementation on the Psion as part of my Psion JavaVM.

If you would like further information on this project, then please email